HApppy confessions

I was all excited to see the “first prize ” written for her achievement in story telling , but there was spark of sadness in me , because even though am her mom , I never had the slightest trust in her that she will be doing her story well and didn’t put my 100 % effort in helping her. 

She selected on her own , her story , then kept on telling , whenever I asked her to . I was so lazy that , even I did;t make good props for her , so that things would have being easy for her, may be then I could just take a lil credit , a portion of effort from my side, I feel bad that am not very good at art n crafts , and somewhere realise that I could have learnt a lil well during my school days, when I just had to study and do nothing else. 

Anyways there is no point in repenting, past is past cannot be corrected , but now am a proud mom , of lovely lil gal, who on her own efforts won the prize. I was so overwhelmed to see parents of other kids , show-off the creativity at their best on many occasion , wherein I stand like a lazy mom out there. 

NO excuses can spare my laziness , in not even helping her with few things, hopefully I should help her out the next year atleast 😉 . ( someway thats my wish , may be again I will find some reasons to move out all these responsibilities ) . 

Well done my cutie pie. all are proud of you.

Finally the vacations are on !!!

The end of her questions ….. from now on ..!!! finally vacation starts . 

Now I don’t have to run around her to get ready for school . Am not sure she is happy or sad for not gong to school as she is on her vacation spree. I remember when I was a kid , I always wanted vacation , but the time when vacation starts , i just want the school to open , so i can be with my friends to play around.

Every kid wants vacation for long hour sleeps and so much of idle time. But Once my vacation starts it was like I was up the earliest and less sleep ,am not able to decide still  why I don;t get to sleep even when its a holiday. The same things happens here too. Whenever its a weekend , both the kids wake up , as if they have got lots to do early morning . And what they do is wake up their lazy mom n dad , from their lazy day .

My lil nandu is all excited to go her grandparents house and play around , thats her vacation ,but as all parents , vacation is a time to improve your kids skills , seriously I wonder why do we have to bother,  but as any other normal parent, I have to think of something to keep them busy , so that they actually don’t forget their school ( atleast thats what every parents think about a summer camp) . 

Happy vacation !!!! 

Enjoy every simple joy and treasure every moment in life ,with everyone. Am sure nandu will never forget her friends and she will treasure all the beautiful memories of her first year of her regular school . School life is full of ups n downs and its like a lad full of experiments , through which they learn and Thankyou for her wonderful teachers for the best support they have offered , without even breaking her heart all the year round. 

Best of luck all kiddos  for your future.