Proud to have friends who are always reachable

I really felt happy and gratified, to know such good friends exist in my world. 

I do have good and best friends who always the best to me ,and few , who show attitudes , and don’t even care to talk. May be am interpreting them wrong , or they are shy . World is a mixture of such kinds  , and we are not the best to complain too , because knowingly we are too culprits.

I love people who just don’t show any kind of formalities and openly talk to us even though its being months or years.You ask something and they do their best for us. That kind of nature is appreciable  and found rare in this generation.

Its not us , but them , who are so thoughtful. Nowadays even people don’t bother to reply back , or call back , even if the messaging is free in whattsapp  or Facebook. Sometimes it better to sit back and just forget such people , and do not disturb them again.

Nowadays even older generation keep fighting as small nursery kids. They do such kiddy things , not talking to each other , not even sharing a gesture of happiness , seems all are in ego clashes . In every relation , the best is to your ego out.

I  wish , I just could do that , when someone approaches me too.Thankful to God for making such beautiful hearts.

reviving childhood

Today morning the first thing I wanted to do when I was done with my daily chores was to watch cartoon. 

Gone are those days , when I used to watch many cartoons. I had lots of favourites like gummy bear, jungle book , swat cats , dexter’s lab , and any more . Yea I was an addict. 

And what do i do now ??

As a mom restrict my kids watching cartoons .. no way … I too sit with them and watch.

I put lots of cartoons on tv and from the internet and let her watch. Like me is brother too , he is an addict too. He should be the best uncle , when both he and my daughter s sit in front of the television , or even on my phone , I see them engrossed in cartoons . 

Even he watches cartoons like peppa pig , ben and holly lil kingdom , which are some mine and nandoos fav too . I just make sure that she gets to watch the best cartoons and learn from them. 

Actually they are like stress busters.  Ofcourse am not stressed out , its just I love watching them with her , so I put some bahanas , who will not love to watch them , than the crappy serials and always-lying-news-poilitions  and total-money-waste-cricket matches on tv. 

Its just merely my choice , enjoy the bit of life ,in a world that not real .

Why do we stick on to bad memories ??

Am pretty sure , every single person on earth , has atlas one bad memory and we still cling on to it , as if its something good. why ?? I don’t know . Its basic human behaviour i guess, instead of reviving our good old memories , whenever we get a break, our idiotic heart, brings us the most painful memories into us.

My lovely lil girl too felt something painful , and that made me cry too . The very first time I was out of her sight for  long time , during my second ones delivery . It was long run from morn till evening , Even though I could hear her singing and telling stories outside the labor room , I was not supposed to move ,I felt like am caged and tangled up in chains , the only thought going on in my mind was just deliver and get out of the room asap, which was never in my hand. 

The moment I was out of the labor room , I just wanted to run out and hug my darling and share her the good news that she is being blessed with another lovely lil angel sister ,but my body was lagging behind my heart and , it wasn’t letting me move. The first thing I did was hug my daughter and give her lots of kisses , even before I lay on bed , and in that one day , I felt the pain I had never felt.

I realised quite late may be few months after all these , that my lovely lil gal , had gone through the same sorrow  that I had to, I didn’t know to smile and be happy or cry , it was a mixed feeling ,”she missed me “. She kept saying , that she waited waited for long ,,,to see me even asked the doc . I hugged her and placed a sweet kiss coated with my love . 

I know she is still scared  a lil , even though don’t know how to put it up to me, she keeps wandering around me and doesn’t go anywhere without me, I know she is clinging on to that day still , and am sure I can get rid of her thoughts ,, with lots of love and care.

Triumph smile

My younger one is always in a naughtiness spree , busy in finding out something which she should not be doing , and she is cleaver enough to find out what she wants .

She notices all the activities we do all around the house, and how we do it, especially what her sister does. She used to notice her going for wash her hands in the wash basin , and as she is small enough, she climbs on a small stool laid down the wash basin, so that its easier for her , and this lil naughty gal , found it quite interesting. 

What she did was , she climbs on the stool ,which she had been practising a lot for a while , seems her handwork paid off quite soon, once she was able to , she started  to dangle on the wash basin and enjoyed her position a lot ,even though I keep telling her not to do it and in spite of my enough-to-do warning , she does it again and again.

And the one thing i cannot stop noticing and of course never stopped enjoying is her lovely smile ,the ‘triumph smile ‘ that she puts up on her lovely cute face, the smile that doesn’t let me scold her and anyways there is not point in scolding her , she will keep smiling all along. 

Whatever naughty things she do around the house , like pulling out the plates out of the rack and throwing it ( luckily none broke) , pulling her sisters board while she is drawing ( just to irritate her) , pulling out all items in the draw and playing with it , she has that smile and always gives me a warning before she is on with her  pranks. 

I wonder what all I have deal with in the future .