Triumph smile

My younger one is always in a naughtiness spree , busy in finding out something which she should not be doing , and she is cleaver enough to find out what she wants .

She notices all the activities we do all around the house, and how we do it, especially what her sister does. She used to notice her going for wash her hands in the wash basin , and as she is small enough, she climbs on a small stool laid down the wash basin, so that its easier for her , and this lil naughty gal , found it quite interesting. 

What she did was , she climbs on the stool ,which she had been practising a lot for a while , seems her handwork paid off quite soon, once she was able to , she started  to dangle on the wash basin and enjoyed her position a lot ,even though I keep telling her not to do it and in spite of my enough-to-do warning , she does it again and again.

And the one thing i cannot stop noticing and of course never stopped enjoying is her lovely smile ,the ‘triumph smile ‘ that she puts up on her lovely cute face, the smile that doesn’t let me scold her and anyways there is not point in scolding her , she will keep smiling all along. 

Whatever naughty things she do around the house , like pulling out the plates out of the rack and throwing it ( luckily none broke) , pulling her sisters board while she is drawing ( just to irritate her) , pulling out all items in the draw and playing with it , she has that smile and always gives me a warning before she is on with her  pranks. 

I wonder what all I have deal with in the future .

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