Proud to have friends who are always reachable

I really felt happy and gratified, to know such good friends exist in my world. 

I do have good and best friends who always the best to me ,and few , who show attitudes , and don’t even care to talk. May be am interpreting them wrong , or they are shy . World is a mixture of such kinds  , and we are not the best to complain too , because knowingly we are too culprits.

I love people who just don’t show any kind of formalities and openly talk to us even though its being months or years.You ask something and they do their best for us. That kind of nature is appreciable  and found rare in this generation.

Its not us , but them , who are so thoughtful. Nowadays even people don’t bother to reply back , or call back , even if the messaging is free in whattsapp  or Facebook. Sometimes it better to sit back and just forget such people , and do not disturb them again.

Nowadays even older generation keep fighting as small nursery kids. They do such kiddy things , not talking to each other , not even sharing a gesture of happiness , seems all are in ego clashes . In every relation , the best is to your ego out.

I  wish , I just could do that , when someone approaches me too.Thankful to God for making such beautiful hearts.

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