reviving childhood

Today morning the first thing I wanted to do when I was done with my daily chores was to watch cartoon. 

Gone are those days , when I used to watch many cartoons. I had lots of favourites like gummy bear, jungle book , swat cats , dexter’s lab , and any more . Yea I was an addict. 

And what do i do now ??

As a mom restrict my kids watching cartoons .. no way … I too sit with them and watch.

I put lots of cartoons on tv and from the internet and let her watch. Like me is brother too , he is an addict too. He should be the best uncle , when both he and my daughter s sit in front of the television , or even on my phone , I see them engrossed in cartoons . 

Even he watches cartoons like peppa pig , ben and holly lil kingdom , which are some mine and nandoos fav too . I just make sure that she gets to watch the best cartoons and learn from them. 

Actually they are like stress busters.  Ofcourse am not stressed out , its just I love watching them with her , so I put some bahanas , who will not love to watch them , than the crappy serials and always-lying-news-poilitions  and total-money-waste-cricket matches on tv. 

Its just merely my choice , enjoy the bit of life ,in a world that not real .

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