Selfish mom , thats me !!!

Lots of expectation and not getting things done , makes us totally frustrating . 

Thats what right now am going through . 

My poor lil gals , expected a grand vacation with their grandparents and it was all over in a jiffy. From the day one of v=her vacation, my elder one keeps asking me , when are we going to see grandma, and I keep telling her this and that , giving all silly excuses , and my inner soul was getting hurt , as even more than her , I was too wishing the same , to be in my mom’s house and be with her , enjoy my free time , with all gupshup and fights with her, going to temple with her early morning , and make her late for home on the way , talking and chit chatting and walking in the slowest pace , so that my time with her never ceases. 

Just to refresh up , from our boredom , we got a few days break and visited my parents , but it was like a disaster, not enough time to be with them , and by the time we were returning my elder one didn’t want to come back to her boring house here, and we parents had to keep on bargaining with her , promising another holiday soon here with her grandparents.  Some thing which in coming years , I have to do more often. 

I was in dilemma , I wanted her to be happy , but the selfish mom in me, wanted to be happy , so my selfishness took over her happiness and I feel the guilt still, because I couldn’t keep her happy ,and felt jealous , because she was happy with my mom in her home . Somewhere there was a tinge of happiness in me , because she is loving someone I love the most in my world.

After all all grandparents are like that , basically they are born to do that ….keep their grandchildren happy and satisfied and do whatever their parents don’t do for them . Whenever I see the enthusiasm in my daughter to go visit her grandma , I feel happy and excited as much as her , thats the only time when I don’t want to wake her up and trouble get her dressed up , even in the middle of the night.

Love u mom always ….sorry that am really selfish , as I cannot be with out my kids around.

Happy Mother’s day

My ‘Mother’s day’ was totally a busy day, no rest , and totally busy. I am never pampered by my kids or hubby , may they don’t feel the importance of such a day in a year , and for my kids, they are too small to get to know what exactly is going on, so they just ignore.

My elder one comes to me, and hug me, whenever her fav cartoon channel , displays a motherly affectionate  picture , just to copy what exactly happening in her tv show, atlas thats what she does. Younger one ,who is too busy in doing mischieves , comes searching for me in kitchen and anywhere where ever am when ever  she has to do potty or go for toilets or is doing any kind of naughty things which I keep warning her not to do.

The sad part , I didn’t even with my mom on mother’s day , something I never forget. But on that day, I too forgot , because I was never wished for the same. In my home, its like , we have to ask someone to wish us , for birthdays , or any other special occasion, At least now things are on the changing track, getting improved. Thats a trade secret , emotional athyachar, it helps , for people who forget special days. (of course all females do  😉  )

In the end its just me , a very happy mom , because I have a loving family , kids who always need me and cling to me . Even if a day is missed to celebrate being mom , am celebrating every single day in my life , being so special in their lives and am happy ,whenever they call me for any help they require , and  the best moment is when i can hug them to sleep , all my tiredness vanishes off and I cuddle along with them on the bed , looking at their pretty cute faces and wondering what they might be dreaming off, when suddenly , its almost time to wake up. 

No one can replace mom in anyones life , so for every irreplaceable mom in everyones life  “A very Happy Mother’s day ” , especially to my mom , who gives me the strength to be a mom ,even though we fight a lot , still I cannot be without you.

lil champ

As any other normal day , I put my lil champ in her bedroom to take a nap ,so that she can pull up more energy to run around the house and irritate her big sis with all her pranks , I was busy with my chit chats and my quality time with my lil one , in the living room . It’s always the same schedule for three of us , first i go put her to sleep and spend some time alone with my elder one and some face booking, and lil cartoon and movie watching. 

I was engrossed in my laptop , when I hear the anklets sound , a sound quite common in our house.We three have anklets and I love the jingling sounds of the anklets. First I looked at my elder one , but she was engrossed in her cartoons and did not move,then from  where is that sound , anyways not mine ( as am idle) , then suddenly I just turned around and what I saw was quite surprising for me.

The guess is right , my lil champ crawled all the way down her bed and walked to our living room. It was first time she did that , she is a champ in crawling down , sometimes while I be feeding her , she stops and crawl backwards down the bed and walks out of the room . 

It just reminded me the days when my elder one was busy learning all these.Its so beautiful ,to remember and cherish all these memories in my heart . I feel the happiness of my kids growing up, and creating memories all around me.Am delighted that am lucky to witness all the stages in their life and I would try to give them the best.

love u  my babies always and forever and ever……