lil champ

As any other normal day , I put my lil champ in her bedroom to take a nap ,so that she can pull up more energy to run around the house and irritate her big sis with all her pranks , I was busy with my chit chats and my quality time with my lil one , in the living room . It’s always the same schedule for three of us , first i go put her to sleep and spend some time alone with my elder one and some face booking, and lil cartoon and movie watching. 

I was engrossed in my laptop , when I hear the anklets sound , a sound quite common in our house.We three have anklets and I love the jingling sounds of the anklets. First I looked at my elder one , but she was engrossed in her cartoons and did not move,then from  where is that sound , anyways not mine ( as am idle) , then suddenly I just turned around and what I saw was quite surprising for me.

The guess is right , my lil champ crawled all the way down her bed and walked to our living room. It was first time she did that , she is a champ in crawling down , sometimes while I be feeding her , she stops and crawl backwards down the bed and walks out of the room . 

It just reminded me the days when my elder one was busy learning all these.Its so beautiful ,to remember and cherish all these memories in my heart . I feel the happiness of my kids growing up, and creating memories all around me.Am delighted that am lucky to witness all the stages in their life and I would try to give them the best.

love u  my babies always and forever and ever……

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