Happy Mother’s day

My ‘Mother’s day’ was totally a busy day, no rest , and totally busy. I am never pampered by my kids or hubby , may they don’t feel the importance of such a day in a year , and for my kids, they are too small to get to know what exactly is going on, so they just ignore.

My elder one comes to me, and hug me, whenever her fav cartoon channel , displays a motherly affectionate  picture , just to copy what exactly happening in her tv show, atlas thats what she does. Younger one ,who is too busy in doing mischieves , comes searching for me in kitchen and anywhere where ever am when ever  she has to do potty or go for toilets or is doing any kind of naughty things which I keep warning her not to do.

The sad part , I didn’t even with my mom on mother’s day , something I never forget. But on that day, I too forgot , because I was never wished for the same. In my home, its like , we have to ask someone to wish us , for birthdays , or any other special occasion, At least now things are on the changing track, getting improved. Thats a trade secret , emotional athyachar, it helps , for people who forget special days. (of course all females do  😉  )

In the end its just me , a very happy mom , because I have a loving family , kids who always need me and cling to me . Even if a day is missed to celebrate being mom , am celebrating every single day in my life , being so special in their lives and am happy ,whenever they call me for any help they require , and  the best moment is when i can hug them to sleep , all my tiredness vanishes off and I cuddle along with them on the bed , looking at their pretty cute faces and wondering what they might be dreaming off, when suddenly , its almost time to wake up. 

No one can replace mom in anyones life , so for every irreplaceable mom in everyones life  “A very Happy Mother’s day ” , especially to my mom , who gives me the strength to be a mom ,even though we fight a lot , still I cannot be without you.

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