Panicky mom

With the outbreak of so many incidents happening around us , monsters harming our lil kids, am also so worried about how will I protect my child from all the evils out their in the society. I don’t know how will I have her protected from being harmed by all devils , I don’t know how will I manage , not to have an evil eye fall on my loved ones .

It hurts , my heart aches , thinking of letting them go off, where their innocence is brutally being used by the monsters , who don’t know whats love , whats their smile means to us. I don’t know how to teach her , what she has to do, even if I teach her , does she know  what  I really mean to tell her, they are so innocent , so delicate , so brittle and full of love and laughter and joy and magnets in attracting troubles.

But I know , there is no other go , they have to face the world, the good and the evil and thats what life is about. We as parents do so many things , to protect them from the evil things , but nothing can stop , destiny , so what I can do is not to panic , and believe that all is gona be good and give them proper care and advice.

The world around us ,is a store house of all good and evil, and there is no other way other than going amidst it to enjoy and create memories , I know we all have good and bad memories , its what that makes us ‘US’ ,so am empowering  my lovely daughters and let them` to know what is exactly living means .

Give all our kids the strength to live through and be better individuals in life.

School days are back

The long summer vacations ended and the rainy school days have started and all kids busy going to school. And my lovely lil nandu is all set with her new bag and new books and off to her new school , with many new friends and new class teacher. I know she misses her  old buddies in her earlier school , but she is kind of person who is used to changes and gets adapted well and am proud of it, as she never troubled me or questioned me much regarding that, or probably I have given enough answers to her unasked questions.

Whenever I think of back to school days, I recollect the fond memories of the rain ,the bus journey to school , and wet uniforms that’s drenched in the rain , which i loved to do , in spite of feeling cold , and of course , the smell of the fresh leaflets in the text books. Whenever I get new books to study , it inspires me to go through the pages , i always loved the smell of a new book , of course only the fresh ones, not the books that becomes a rubbish after months of usage.

The last few days before the reopening we spend time by covering all her new books and labelling them , something lil hectic i felt , still no other go , I have to do it. I kept looking at the pages of her books , all colourful and lovely. I just wish I was still a school going kid.

On the first day , it was quite a short school time for her, but the next day , my younger one was lil sad , while coming back from her sister’s school , as I felt she missed her big sissy , of course even I do , but I know for her future she has to go to school. When I went back to pick her back from school , seeing her big sis coming running to us, she jumped up with joy , she was so excited, to be back with her (at least she has someone to play and fight with) .

I have to compromise with the idea of school , I wish my kids were just my small lil babies , who will always be in my arms , and I can just hold them tightly so that no one can ever  hurt them.