Panicky mom

With the outbreak of so many incidents happening around us , monsters harming our lil kids, am also so worried about how will I protect my child from all the evils out their in the society. I don’t know how will I have her protected from being harmed by all devils , I don’t know how will I manage , not to have an evil eye fall on my loved ones .

It hurts , my heart aches , thinking of letting them go off, where their innocence is brutally being used by the monsters , who don’t know whats love , whats their smile means to us. I don’t know how to teach her , what she has to do, even if I teach her , does she know  what  I really mean to tell her, they are so innocent , so delicate , so brittle and full of love and laughter and joy and magnets in attracting troubles.

But I know , there is no other go , they have to face the world, the good and the evil and thats what life is about. We as parents do so many things , to protect them from the evil things , but nothing can stop , destiny , so what I can do is not to panic , and believe that all is gona be good and give them proper care and advice.

The world around us ,is a store house of all good and evil, and there is no other way other than going amidst it to enjoy and create memories , I know we all have good and bad memories , its what that makes us ‘US’ ,so am empowering  my lovely daughters and let them` to know what is exactly living means .

Give all our kids the strength to live through and be better individuals in life.

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