Lazy me and colorful foods

Day by day, am turning lazier it seems , ofcourse i was lazy from first a tagline that I have been carrying along since childhood ” a lazy stupid gal” ,seems to have become my inbuilt behaviour for now.

 Mornings make me lazy.. I feel like cuddling up again and again when alarm rings and I keep thinking how come its morning soon , its just as if I just then slept and its all of a sudden morning, but then , no time to think , I have to rush up for all my household works.

Earlier , I could give in some excuse and make no lunch ,but now , my lil darling takes lunch to school , and I can’t see her starve and I wanted to send her all those lovely recipes I see in all the websites posting lovely colourful recipes for kids lunch box, but unfortunately , am not a good cook and I wonder how do they do all those beautiful recipes in that website.

All food so colourful in the books and websites , but why of they look so horrible in our own plates , I guess I need to enhance a lil more culinary skills , hopefully in near future , because my lovely lil darling keeps a note on others lunch boxes  and keeps asking me to make all those . Am pretty sure , by the end her academic year, either I will learn more dishes out else , I will be a lot more lazier.

Even though am lazy , I always love to cook for my family, they are the best critics in my cooking , they help me serve more better. Even though I hate it when she says, she like this n that and all, still , I love that , she is giving me a lot more options and giving me a lot many options what to send her as a snack , in a healthy way.

blessed to have lovely teachers

Today while was browsing through my Facebook page ,I found out that today was guru purnima , a day when you wish all your lovely teachers for their dedication and guiding us always .

I am blessed to have a mom , who is the best teacher in my world. She has being with me since I was born guiding me and always doing the best for me. At times I have not heard what she has told me to ,and of course end up listening to her . She is my mom ,but of course a good teacher, she teach me or anyone the same way and always have given me the best tips for my studies so far , which in turn  am sharing with my daughter. My daughter is lucky to have her lovely grandma , who loves to teach her how to draw ,and good  that she is taking up her lessons pretty well.

I had the best teachers during my school days too , who were good to me , and helped me learn the boring subjects too quite well. I had my schooling in the same school , wherein my mom was a teacher  ,so it was quite easier for my teachers to go and tell , anything to my mom, which was pretty scary then, still i used to skip my homework and  remember to copy from my best friends notebook just before my class teacher enters. But my teachers were so loving like my mom ,even when they scold us ,it was out of love and care and am happy , they have always entrusted us with lots responsibilities , which we were pretty good at doing.

In college , the teachers were mostly like best pals , there were not much age difference with many teachers, they were with us enjoying the every bit our life at college but again , giving us the best classes to make us learn everything. We could talk to them anytime, have a coffee , or tea or even a sip up with them , such friendly people were they .

Anyone becomes a teacher , who teaches us the best lessons in life, whether its inside a class room or out in the world .

Thank you to all my lovely teachers who imparted their knowledge to me .

Filling in with old memories

 College time is the best time of  your life, somewhere we know its  the joyful time of your life being with your friends and enjoying the campus , and by the end of this lovely time , you gonna have to deal with the inseparable items in life …,marriage,kids,…etc etc….. This busy 3-4 years of life , you are surely gonna miss , once its over leaving behind memories and loads of memories and truthful friends in your life. 

I met my best friend in my lovely campus and enjoyed with her ,every bit of the life there, we enjoyed rain , we enjoyed classes , teasing teachers , making friends with our best teachers and staffs , enjoying the campus , its beauty , elections , exams  and many more. Everyday we just hurry up to be in college and hate to have it ended soon . The days seems shorter and nights longer. 

After watching the movie “premam ”  , I was not actually watching the movie but watching the beauty of the campus , which gave me lots of memories. The chapel , wherein , myself and my best hostel mates come during Sundays evening for our prayers, I always loved accompanying my friends to the chapel , because, the beauty of the campus in the dusk , was just mesmerising , the cold breeze blowing through the windows of the chapel , bring back the memories of our parents , whom I missed the most in my hostel. The chapel was the place, wherein myself and my friends go in to pray everyday morning , for me all GOD was just one ,and am sure, my  prayers were heard , wherever I prayed in from.

The movie had the best parts of our college , like the classrooms , the library ( which we never used, other than for writing exams) and many more. Any place becomes beautiful in our memories when we have personal stories linked to it. On the very first day in the college when I came in for admission I never imagined that , this place will be the best place ever in my life  and never imagined that a girl who just casually met over near the office on the day of admission , and second time sharing an umbrella on a rainy first day of our class , will be a friend for lifetime.

Its sometime  good to bring back our memories , to feel fresh and happy again ,and the feel that we are not alone, there is always someone who is your best friend and will always be with you sharing every worry or joy with you, who miss you always .

Music and dance and masti

Everyday in the evening its full of fun and music and dance with my kids…it helps me get out of all the tensions (anyways not many to tense around) , still its fun way to relax..because all day am running behind my lil naughty one.

My younger one loves songs, the moment i switch on our laptop..the first thins she asks is for songs….and that too some beautiful dance number that she can move around with the beats and rotate…those are her favourite steps.And my elder one..keeps herself  busy in dancing with all expression and specially focussing on the lyrics.

My lil  gals..keep rocking all around , the only problem is they get addicted one particular song, so after hearing it n number of times, even if we dare to change then , they just show a grumpy face.Its fun to see that, they just sit and do not dance for any other songs played, until unless they get their song again. Once thats on , again…full on energy, one will be dancing and my lil one will be shaking hands to the beats of music and revolving around her sister.

WE parents always want to keep our kids happy always and we do anything for them .Luckily we learn all these from our parents who again has always done to keep us happy and satisfied in life .

new starts,….new habits…new schedules

The whole thing about my days are changing , now  I have to run for buses , get things ready before she is off to school and many more things. ITs big  struggle between a lazy mom and a loving caring mom , yea.. that still keeps on going and most of the time, lazy mom wins over. 

The first week was so bad, I had to give so many excuses , so many sorrys, and so many marathons , still am trying to get used to the things happening around. Its not easy , things take its own time and I myself take my own time . 

The only person enjoying all these is my lil one, she becomes sad when her sister is off to school , as she don’t have anyone to fight with , or play around. She sleeps once her sister is in school and the moment she is awake, she don’t need anything ,but just go and bring her sister back. She keeps , taking my dupatta , handing it over to me and picks up her shoes and gets ready to bring her sister.

The moment we reach the gate , and she sees her sister’s school bus, she jumps with excitement and joy. It is as if , her joy is just uncountable and I feel so happy to see that, because, I know , I wish I could do the same … since am alas waiting for my lovely daughter to be back from school.

Even though I like all  these hurdles in the weekdays , I enjoy my weekends more ,wherein I get to spent majority time with my family…tats the special part. Every day, when he comes back from work, I explain him all the naughty activities our kidos do all  through the day , and I get so excited recollecting my memories of the day , that gives me immense pleasure , which I enjoy everyday.

There is no big happiness than recollection memories sometimes , its just enough to know , how much we are involved in our day to day activities and kids.