new starts,….new habits…new schedules

The whole thing about my days are changing , now  I have to run for buses , get things ready before she is off to school and many more things. ITs big  struggle between a lazy mom and a loving caring mom , yea.. that still keeps on going and most of the time, lazy mom wins over. 

The first week was so bad, I had to give so many excuses , so many sorrys, and so many marathons , still am trying to get used to the things happening around. Its not easy , things take its own time and I myself take my own time . 

The only person enjoying all these is my lil one, she becomes sad when her sister is off to school , as she don’t have anyone to fight with , or play around. She sleeps once her sister is in school and the moment she is awake, she don’t need anything ,but just go and bring her sister back. She keeps , taking my dupatta , handing it over to me and picks up her shoes and gets ready to bring her sister.

The moment we reach the gate , and she sees her sister’s school bus, she jumps with excitement and joy. It is as if , her joy is just uncountable and I feel so happy to see that, because, I know , I wish I could do the same … since am alas waiting for my lovely daughter to be back from school.

Even though I like all  these hurdles in the weekdays , I enjoy my weekends more ,wherein I get to spent majority time with my family…tats the special part. Every day, when he comes back from work, I explain him all the naughty activities our kidos do all  through the day , and I get so excited recollecting my memories of the day , that gives me immense pleasure , which I enjoy everyday.

There is no big happiness than recollection memories sometimes , its just enough to know , how much we are involved in our day to day activities and kids.

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