Music and dance and masti

Everyday in the evening its full of fun and music and dance with my kids…it helps me get out of all the tensions (anyways not many to tense around) , still its fun way to relax..because all day am running behind my lil naughty one.

My younger one loves songs, the moment i switch on our laptop..the first thins she asks is for songs….and that too some beautiful dance number that she can move around with the beats and rotate…those are her favourite steps.And my elder one..keeps herself  busy in dancing with all expression and specially focussing on the lyrics.

My lil  gals..keep rocking all around , the only problem is they get addicted one particular song, so after hearing it n number of times, even if we dare to change then , they just show a grumpy face.Its fun to see that, they just sit and do not dance for any other songs played, until unless they get their song again. Once thats on , again…full on energy, one will be dancing and my lil one will be shaking hands to the beats of music and revolving around her sister.

WE parents always want to keep our kids happy always and we do anything for them .Luckily we learn all these from our parents who again has always done to keep us happy and satisfied in life .