blessed to have lovely teachers

Today while was browsing through my Facebook page ,I found out that today was guru purnima , a day when you wish all your lovely teachers for their dedication and guiding us always .

I am blessed to have a mom , who is the best teacher in my world. She has being with me since I was born guiding me and always doing the best for me. At times I have not heard what she has told me to ,and of course end up listening to her . She is my mom ,but of course a good teacher, she teach me or anyone the same way and always have given me the best tips for my studies so far , which in turn  am sharing with my daughter. My daughter is lucky to have her lovely grandma , who loves to teach her how to draw ,and good  that she is taking up her lessons pretty well.

I had the best teachers during my school days too , who were good to me , and helped me learn the boring subjects too quite well. I had my schooling in the same school , wherein my mom was a teacher  ,so it was quite easier for my teachers to go and tell , anything to my mom, which was pretty scary then, still i used to skip my homework and  remember to copy from my best friends notebook just before my class teacher enters. But my teachers were so loving like my mom ,even when they scold us ,it was out of love and care and am happy , they have always entrusted us with lots responsibilities , which we were pretty good at doing.

In college , the teachers were mostly like best pals , there were not much age difference with many teachers, they were with us enjoying the every bit our life at college but again , giving us the best classes to make us learn everything. We could talk to them anytime, have a coffee , or tea or even a sip up with them , such friendly people were they .

Anyone becomes a teacher , who teaches us the best lessons in life, whether its inside a class room or out in the world .

Thank you to all my lovely teachers who imparted their knowledge to me .

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