Lazy me and colorful foods

Day by day, am turning lazier it seems , ofcourse i was lazy from first a tagline that I have been carrying along since childhood ” a lazy stupid gal” ,seems to have become my inbuilt behaviour for now.

 Mornings make me lazy.. I feel like cuddling up again and again when alarm rings and I keep thinking how come its morning soon , its just as if I just then slept and its all of a sudden morning, but then , no time to think , I have to rush up for all my household works.

Earlier , I could give in some excuse and make no lunch ,but now , my lil darling takes lunch to school , and I can’t see her starve and I wanted to send her all those lovely recipes I see in all the websites posting lovely colourful recipes for kids lunch box, but unfortunately , am not a good cook and I wonder how do they do all those beautiful recipes in that website.

All food so colourful in the books and websites , but why of they look so horrible in our own plates , I guess I need to enhance a lil more culinary skills , hopefully in near future , because my lovely lil darling keeps a note on others lunch boxes  and keeps asking me to make all those . Am pretty sure , by the end her academic year, either I will learn more dishes out else , I will be a lot more lazier.

Even though am lazy , I always love to cook for my family, they are the best critics in my cooking , they help me serve more better. Even though I hate it when she says, she like this n that and all, still , I love that , she is giving me a lot more options and giving me a lot many options what to send her as a snack , in a healthy way.

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