Studies and excuses

My lil gal , was quite fine in the last year in hr school , may be because it was just starting of her school , she did everything brilliantly . 

But everything this year is just opposite , seems so soon she got fed up with our education system, The moment she gets home ,she wants TV , her fav cartoons and too lazy to open the book. And as usual by the end of the day before she is off to bed , I someway make her write her homework. Though there is not much to write nowadays , too much to read through , may be she is not interested and I don’t like to force her too. 

I never wanted my daughter to earn lot many marks , I want her to understand whats important for her and realise it and then learn , otherwise the education is wasted.I wonder why our education system is burdening  our kids , I wonder why do we study so many subjects too.In he end of all these efforts , we end up doing things which even we don’t like to do or be, because of all the society orthodox idiots.

i know she is not lazy because she has to do homework or because of TV , mostly she wants to play with her lil sister all day. This year ,the moment I say that its a holiday ,she is all excited , because she can spend the day with me and her sister. 

Hope things change when her younger sister also joins school. May be then I will be the one waiting for a holiday . 😉 . Strange  but true. 

Things am learning after being a mom

Life has completely changed the track for me. Things I believed i would not be doing , I am doing , many of them I could not even imagine .

Initially I was so lazy always sleepy , while sleeping ,whatever happens I would not even move. But now , while sleeping even if a needle falls out , I wake up ,so that my lil ones don’t get disturbed and I get to sleep properly too. 

I hate to cook , but now , I try out all kind of dishes , even presentation of dishes to start matter me , so that I cold impress my kids and hubby ,as well as post it on my FB for my lovely friends to know , yes I do cook too. 

I hate shopping , but now I would love shopping in kids shop, seems am more addicted to kids toys and I want to buy toys that interest me.

I used to not so very much interested in household work. First when my elder one was there , I used to be a lil lazy ,but yes cleaned a lil, but after my younger one has come , things changed , I almost walk around with a broom and a mop almost all the time, because if i missed out anything  on the floor , my lil one would gulp it ,whatever it may be .

I used to find it hard , while cooking , now its like with one hand you are a master cook, you can even land up making 4-5 dishes too , in a matter of no time.

Life has changed and became more of kids centric than me or my hubby, we go to places where kids like , and not where we like specifically. May be thats what being parent is about.

Stress busters

My beautiful babies are my stress relievers. 

The moment am tired , or upset , or sad, they help me overcome it in a minute.They might not know what exactly is in my mind or what am going through , but they give me the strength to go on. They help to keep me happy. Their lovely and bright eyes , keep me going . 

The way they look up at me , as if they expect me to be perfect , and not brittle and fragile. If I broke down am scared they might take me wrong .I want them to face things boldly , may be not the way I do. I want them to be true and selfless and thats the right way for everything. 

I cry , laugh and enjoy every moment with them. Sometimes when am out of my mood, anger or upset over things or tired , I get so angry and sometimes I even shout at them. The next moment I will be crying , I can’t withstand being angry , I vent out my anger in crying usually . I hate being angry , stressed and irritated. 

I hate all those emotions , when am angry on my lovely lil angels. Because I have them in my life , am living stress free. I have them to cuddle and play around and be me always. 

Emotions play too much in our daily life , its tough to handle them sometimes , but when we have kids , sometimes we get a reflection of what we are and how we react and then we try to correct ourselves. Kid s are the real heaven and their childhood is to moulded with proper guidance and care. 

Love you my two lovely lil angels, because of you two , am what am  now. Thank you for your loving caressing hands on my forehead when am in need . Sorry for being a mean mom sometimes. 

brittle hearts

Sometimes handling emotions are tough , don’t know what hurts the most, what needs to be done when handling a lil gal or boy.

Am very skeptical when I have to deal with my elder ones emotions . I make sure , nothing goes as  bad as it can be. May be I should leave thought and just do , as I should do , but sometimes ,her face comes in my mind , and I am scared to even think about a sad face of her. WE both are parents are struggling to fulfil does dreams by not hurting other ones emotions.

Emotions are too brittle and their heart is too immature to handle emotions and thats what we have to be careful about. When we have to buy something for our younger one , we have to give a long lesson to my elder one so that , I make sure am not hurting her. They are too small for big things.

Even being so big, I still fight with my mom, when they buy something for my brother and ofcourse  the dialog ” mom , u love him more than me” , still comes out of this me ,a mom of two even now. Yea its shameful , but am kind of used to using this dialogue more often . Hopefully  when am getting lil more older I might get rid of this dialogue 😉 .

Luckily both of them share things, quite well and yea they do fight too as all other siblings, luckily my lil gal , is quite good and mature in handling in most of the things. 

Praying all will be fine in the future . And I learn a lol more far better to be careful in handling their brittle hearts.

Never stick on to

My  younger one ,is too much to handle sometime .She is furious , sometimes brilliant , dirty, unyielding , and totally vivacious.

We all love her company , but the only problem is she never sticks on to anything she does, all the time busy  thinking what next to do. If I see her sitting and playing something, the next moment she will running around. I keep wondering what she is running for . 

She runs here and then in that direction ,something or other seems to chase her I guess. She takes on toy ,and the next moment , either its thrown out of the house , through the balcony or  ,may it will be in some were in the house .

If I put some songs , she will never hear it fully , she will start saying ,” amma , no , no ..noooo ” , the length of No is too long ,and scary that , I immediately change the song. She never finishes anything she does, keeps on changing and changing again and again, seems things get too boring for her soon.

There is no activity as of now ,that keep her busy for a long time. But my lil nandu was far better, atleast she sits quietly for hours when she has a board in her hand to draw.

Seems I need to run into many activities to find out how to keep her busy. 🙂