Romance and Musings

brittle hearts

Sometimes handling emotions are tough , don’t know what hurts the most, what needs to be done when handling a lil gal or boy.

Am very skeptical when I have to deal with my elder ones emotions . I make sure , nothing goes as  bad as it can be. May be I should leave thought and just do , as I should do , but sometimes ,her face comes in my mind , and I am scared to even think about a sad face of her. WE both are parents are struggling to fulfil does dreams by not hurting other ones emotions.

Emotions are too brittle and their heart is too immature to handle emotions and thats what we have to be careful about. When we have to buy something for our younger one , we have to give a long lesson to my elder one so that , I make sure am not hurting her. They are too small for big things.

Even being so big, I still fight with my mom, when they buy something for my brother and ofcourse  the dialog ” mom , u love him more than me” , still comes out of this me ,a mom of two even now. Yea its shameful , but am kind of used to using this dialogue more often . Hopefully  when am getting lil more older I might get rid of this dialogue 😉 .

Luckily both of them share things, quite well and yea they do fight too as all other siblings, luckily my lil gal , is quite good and mature in handling in most of the things. 

Praying all will be fine in the future . And I learn a lol more far better to be careful in handling their brittle hearts.

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