Never stick on to

My  younger one ,is too much to handle sometime .She is furious , sometimes brilliant , dirty, unyielding , and totally vivacious.

We all love her company , but the only problem is she never sticks on to anything she does, all the time busy  thinking what next to do. If I see her sitting and playing something, the next moment she will running around. I keep wondering what she is running for . 

She runs here and then in that direction ,something or other seems to chase her I guess. She takes on toy ,and the next moment , either its thrown out of the house , through the balcony or  ,may it will be in some were in the house .

If I put some songs , she will never hear it fully , she will start saying ,” amma , no , no ..noooo ” , the length of No is too long ,and scary that , I immediately change the song. She never finishes anything she does, keeps on changing and changing again and again, seems things get too boring for her soon.

There is no activity as of now ,that keep her busy for a long time. But my lil nandu was far better, atleast she sits quietly for hours when she has a board in her hand to draw.

Seems I need to run into many activities to find out how to keep her busy. 🙂

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