trust helps us to build confidence

Sometimes when am angry on my daughter, I shout at her( which ultimately I feel awful after sometime) , and I know am shattering her confidence and damaging her confidence level. I do it again and again, and I feel bad over and over and feel really pathetic about myself and my horrible anger. Its difficult to control anger , and I seriously dont know how I can overcome it , though am trying it ,because I hate to see my loving daughter’s hurt face.

I sometimes need to trust my lil ones ,and give them the best and assure them that they can do better, even far better than me. I know my lil gal is far more perfect than me, I always do mistakes, still they makeup for all the mistakes I do. I need to remind myself , that I should not do this , but when am lost , i forget that i should be a good mom and portray a total lost self in front of my kids. ( wondering what actually they might think about me).

Its just that they trust me, that helps me be better mom , sometimes and even let me do many things. They give me lots of energy boosters and lots of work at times, testing my patience and my courage and many more. MAy be thats  pure motherhood. We as moms , even before giving birth , just think all about our child all the time , their safety, their smile( even before they are born) , thats something which cannot be defined , that feeling is so special. 

I remember at the time of giving birth, the only thing that helped me overcome the pain was the love and affection and the bodning I had build up over those months with the lil one inside me. I just had one thought in me, that my baby should be safe and come out into the world to be in my arms forever.

Our lil ones must have trusted us a lot , that we as mothers would bring them to this world  full of wonders.

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