Never underestimate a woman

OFcourse am not a feminist , am just a worried mom  of two lovely lil gals. Its just that, I get outraged while reading something and end up writing all about being a girl. I do admit  , there at times I feel so bad and so irritated ,when I see the advantages of being men.

I know there are lot men who might be suffering too , as they feel jealous that , they cannot be at home all the time and take advantage of stay-at-home parent and work like donkeys without any enjoyment. I feel good to be a stay-at-home parent, in most of the scenarios, and thanks to my hubby ,who is managing all the expenses we are incurring  on him. (just joking , actually am so privileged ).

At times when am writing on feminism , i just think about my daughters future , I wonder what if the society is gone torture them. WHY there are so many set of  rules , who has put it down ,wondering on what basis they have done it too. The rules are followed just because most of the women including me are just emotional idiots , who get manipulated by people around ,and its not men actually ,it’s the women itself torturing other women.  If we look around ,its more women torturing other women and ,men are just following them( mostly).

Being feminist doesn’t help actually, all should work together, women are born to be jealous and thats why , they keep competing with each other. Wonder why ? actually  everyone loves competition. Some want to be thinner, some want to earn more money , some want to beautiful, and many more,, and the funny thing is women are not competing with men,  actually they don’t need to win over men , because God has created women to be powerful than men emotionally always.

Women are powerful , its just that , they are too much emotional , still strong enough to handle things.

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