To my bestie

I know I am not like a regular best friend type, always untimely, irritating and never ever with u for all the important functions in ur life, but I know  you are perfect for me. You know when am rightly in need of you and your kind words.

I  remember the days when we first met and ultimately I forgot you by the time I met you second time. Still you forgive me, may be you though this  girl is  so stupid ( yea I know , now you must be regretting being my friend 😉 ) . just joking babes.  Seriously I don’t even remember the day I met anyone else in the whole world, but I do remember the day we met each other.

The best part of my college days , was that I could talk to you lot and lot and a lot , until unless you ran away home and again I have to wait for the next day to keep chattering and disturbing you. At times I have been rude to her for many times , Whenever I  never and study for exams, this my best friend was scared to let me copy from her paper too.Luckily with some good prayer by good should I passed all my exams .

Whatever  and however I was, I have you always, even though we never freaked out a lot, bunked classes and watched movies or did some adventures , still your presence makes me happy, and you were typically like the friend I always needed ,somebody who will listen to me all the time ,even its boring.

Even now tea e just few kilometres away , and we go even for vacations , still its tough to be with you again. I remember the days when I make you wait hours ,since I was always the late comer , even then, I always get a smiley face , you are so loving dear, an am pretty sure, you will never ever get an irritating friend like me in you life.

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