Tough to keep our friends

We tend to forget to keep in touch with our friends , who were there with us , hours and hours during our school days and college days . We forget their faces , their voice and luckily we remember few names at least.

Strange but true, I don’t know if we should value family, or friends or both, Sometimes we cannot ,as we have to value people’s emotions, and sometimes we tend to hide what we feel and sacrifice few things we enjoy doing. Even if we have a loving and caring family ,at times we feel we need someone who knows all our faults and all our idiotic things.

Luckily I have a few friends who tolerate my madness, who can stand my behaviour , my temper , my stupidity and can talk to me even if they are busy anytime and anywhere. Lucky are those people , who can always count on their friends. I miss being with my best friend, the long walks , and talks about unknown and totally absurd topics.

I have always tried to maintain a friendship , to my level best ,until unless it crosses the  limit. I have always being misunderstood and utilised many times, still I have a bad tendency to forgive everyone even if they hurt me the most.I tend to be brave or its just that, when am angry with someone, it hurts me more than anyone else.

Anger doesn’t help us get anything. policies to all friends of mine, whom i disturb now an then, its a basic tendency in me, I hate loosing friends ,wherever they are, may be I don’t even realise that at time they might hate me too. I know even they might in some constrained situations too , we never know who will be with us forever. Thanks to my best friend , who comes to my rescue all the time I was in need .

In this busy world its tough to keep friendship , and we all prioritize our family more than our friends. Still good friends and true ones don’t need any notifications , even if they are far way or even near by , without even having time for us, we know they are always with us.

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