Tough time to get her sleep

Its the toughest thing for me to get her deviated to sleep from all her naughty activities day by day, but ofcourse I do feed her make her sleep , thats the only temptation that can take her to bed,  else all along she will be playing. Wonder what will happen when i stop it.

I try all along and make her sleep , and suddenly either the  door bell rings or my phone or nandu might call me up for something and all my efforts go wasted , and again I have to try doing something else , or else I have to let her go play with her  sister and she gives a naughty smile , for she got what she wants and now she can play all along. 

Somedays I put her to sleep , and escape out of the room , slowly like a thief from a jail . I have to be very silent, and all my foot steps play a vital rule for being silent and the moment I hold the door and move out of the room , is like a victory point. Some days while am moving , she just opens her eyes and looks at me, And I stay frozen ,praying , please go to sleep my baby, i need a break ,please ,and I make sure that I don’t move my lips  or my whole body, and I stay there for a while , while she moves a lil bit and her eyes are closing due to sleep.

Ah!! sometimes a big relief see that , and sometimes , she looks at me and smiles ,and get up and come from the bed. And am left with no option than keeping her busy playing.

Being mom is enhancing too many skills at the same time. phew!!!

kids and technology

My younger one too so much interested in mobile phones, even she knows to take a selfie 😉 . She takes up the phone ,on the camera and then hold it above like taking a selfie and smile at the camera.

Sometimes I want to be a good mommy and not let them play with my phone and be like a civilised mom , make them play with the toys and  other useful things , or read a book . Ofcourse its not gona happen , because my laziness and love to be a silent watchers , lets me give away my mobile to them and let them play. The only scare that stops me doing it is that , they might damage it and I loose the only device that lets me socialise  😉 .

She takes the mobile , starts poking the nose of the lil tom cat in the mobile ,and keeps typing something , or open up the camera  take weird pictures . I try to stop her , she looks at me as if ,am the kid and she is mom , conveying  me , this is not for you mom.

 She locks and unlocks the mobile , or install or uninstall whatever she wants , and if she need to learn a lil more than what she knows , she just seeks her lovely sister , who is an expert and be observant . 

Wherever she sees a mobile ,she grabs it, I don’t know how come she notices anyone keeping their mobile away , when she is most of the time engrossed in playing something else. 

Kids are tough to understand sometime. Need to work on my mommy skills a lot . Most of the time I have to so persuasive to get my mobile back as they don’t even bother to give it back.

a story about ice age

Reading though a book, I happened to read a small portion of a story that happened during ice age about porcupines ,and how they helped other animals to survive the  coldest weather. 

The porcupines decided to bind together so that they could just live through the cold but their spines keeps poking each other and was tough for them to adjust , few movies out ,and they dies out of cold and was finding it difficult to live with that, and finally they have to give up comfort and start to keep binding with each other forgiving and forgetting the lil hurts and cuts caused by their spines and they could make it though the winter. 

The story is an inspiration piece .

Its true that in life ,we have to deal with the difficult kind of people and situation ,still  if we have to survive and enjoy the happiness of togetherness , we have to live through it. 

The pursuit of happiness  is when we are going through the toughest times ,finding the best friends of your life and the best people who will be with you forever at hardest times and the good times .

The happiness we  gain then is the best because only pain can make you realise whats real happiness is . Sometimes its best to be out of my mobile world and enjoy a book ( honestly need to keep up with this habit, technology  draws me closer most of the time).


Get the mud roads off or change the uniform

I do love rain but when I have  to clean her white uniforms and white shoes ,its more tiring. I let her  play in the water , or in rain, walking on those roads are just fine , but while reaching home, seeing all those mud packed on the shoes and the clothes, makes me mad.

I know white looks beautiful , but why don’t they understand its tough to clean up a messy kids uniform (ofcourse my kid is not that messy ). And kids are supposed to be messy ,and not very clean and tidy, that makes them a proper child. 

Guess they need to change the white or light color uniforms , its not the school authorities coming down to clean up such messes , its all the poor moms. 

I admit am lazy in cleaning, its the toughest thing to do , because here when i clean from one end, my kids are making it all the worse again. Its like you are cleaning the road on a fall season .

The roads will never be repaired anytime, because authorities are never bothered , seems they never steeped out on such roads, and we fools pay taxes , thinking one fine day , everything will be fine one fine day.( though we know it will never happen). 

Winter holidays

Am just waiting for the holidays to start , its all because I cannot imagine getting up in this cold winter and prepare everything in the morning . I  Keep many alarms from5 to 7 and finally my eyes open with my husbands call in my ear ” Wake up its already going to be7:30 ” .

I wish I could just curl up with my kids under the blanket and sleep all my morning. Even saturdays and sundays I wake up by 7, because I have to keep the garbage ready outside my door , so the cleaners can come and pick it ,else they would ring the bell and wake up my lil darlings. 

I guess this is  only a weekday syndrome , as am able to wake up very well on weekends and I have lots of time to finish of my work. But other days, am like running a marathon, where my time keeps running , every minute matters.I keep shouting at my kids, do this and do that, still I come and do it in the end , needless to say my lil nandu helps me a lot in the morning, atleast picking things and putting it in right place ,and doing many things she can, and I do appreciate it. 

I guess instead of summer vacation , they should give winter vacations , because in summer , we get up someway , because of the scorching heat, but in winter our beds also won’t leave us alone. I feel pity with my lil kids , who has to go to school, in this rain and winter , wherein they should be in their moms arm and curled up with her , watching  their favourite cartoon with her. (heaven ) 

All I have to do now is just waiting for the xmas vacation to come in .

(wait )