Girls and kitchen sets

My daughters are so obsessed with the kitchens toys , poor my lil ones , they don’t know one day , you will sort hating them , because thats going to be an integral part of your life, sometimes , it will be an important factor to decide your future life. Heard many telling that if a girl doesn’t know any household, their life is gone be miserable. 

If thats the girls future deciding factor then ,whats the factor that decides a man’s future. Men  come to see a girl to their house and they judge and decide ,if she is fit for their life, so who decides for a woman. How she knows what are the things she need to keep in mind. 

Luckily things are changing , but there are many men in our society who think cooking and household works fall into women’s basic identity. Totally a weird way of judging women. And yes there are many men , who helps their better half in everything , thats the perfect way.  There is no harm in wishing for the same .

Why can’t girls play with other toys ,seriously why only the dirty pink color girls like, why can’t it be blue. Oh seriously , I don’t know , why all these distinction. Whenever its girls birthday , we get gifts like  a doll, a doll house ,a kitchen set, and all those ,which   might be future assets  for her, seems we are giving a practice for her future. 

And for poor lil boys, its always cars cars and cars , seems they are gone be drivers ( just joking) . God knows who started with these discrimination (as I say) . I wish I could teach my kids to live like how they want , and not to abide the rules that the idiots in the society are putting up, rules are to be broken, but am scared the ‘karma officials’ , who preach of the basic society law will harm them , so I just leave it to GOD who knows whats right and wrong better than me.