Falls and bruises

I could count and tell how many times my elder one had fell down and had cuts , but with my tiny lil girl, this has become impossible.

Instead of sitting quietly in one place, she moves around ,and there are lot many hits and misses.Sometime luck saves her else , she she goes and hit somewhere. Now I know whats tough parenting is , she seems to teach me a lot more about parenting. Earlier , it was like ,if she falls down my hands and legs starts shivering , and I do not know what I have to do, but now , my home has better first aid kits ,ice is always  ready in my fridge , and its being used innumerable times.

If I tell her, please don’t do it she is shows immense interest in doing so and keeps doing it and falls off. If I tell to sit quietly ,she will move around atleast if she even sit ,she keeps her hands busy .

Looking at her and sitting , becomes headache sometimes,because my eyes are getting double exercise ,as she never stays in one place. Her face becomes a painting with all the discolouration caused by her bruises . When one mark goes another one appears.

Still with all these ,she gives a smile , and the smile is like a rainbow in between the clouds and thats the one keep me going ,otherwise, instead of her, its me , who gets all the pain and all the weeping part is done .

Pretty sure this is the case going on in every other moms mind. Give all the kids the strength to bear the pain , because they can never stop being naughty and give their moms the best time.