Winter holidays

Am just waiting for the holidays to start , its all because I cannot imagine getting up in this cold winter and prepare everything in the morning . I  Keep many alarms from5 to 7 and finally my eyes open with my husbands call in my ear ” Wake up its already going to be7:30 ” .

I wish I could just curl up with my kids under the blanket and sleep all my morning. Even saturdays and sundays I wake up by 7, because I have to keep the garbage ready outside my door , so the cleaners can come and pick it ,else they would ring the bell and wake up my lil darlings. 

I guess this is  only a weekday syndrome , as am able to wake up very well on weekends and I have lots of time to finish of my work. But other days, am like running a marathon, where my time keeps running , every minute matters.I keep shouting at my kids, do this and do that, still I come and do it in the end , needless to say my lil nandu helps me a lot in the morning, atleast picking things and putting it in right place ,and doing many things she can, and I do appreciate it. 

I guess instead of summer vacation , they should give winter vacations , because in summer , we get up someway , because of the scorching heat, but in winter our beds also won’t leave us alone. I feel pity with my lil kids , who has to go to school, in this rain and winter , wherein they should be in their moms arm and curled up with her , watching  their favourite cartoon with her. (heaven ) 

All I have to do now is just waiting for the xmas vacation to come in .

(wait )

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