Romance and Musings

a story about ice age

Reading though a book, I happened to read a small portion of a story that happened during ice age about porcupines ,and how they helped other animals to survive the  coldest weather. 

The porcupines decided to bind together so that they could just live through the cold but their spines keeps poking each other and was tough for them to adjust , few movies out ,and they dies out of cold and was finding it difficult to live with that, and finally they have to give up comfort and start to keep binding with each other forgiving and forgetting the lil hurts and cuts caused by their spines and they could make it though the winter. 

The story is an inspiration piece .

Its true that in life ,we have to deal with the difficult kind of people and situation ,still  if we have to survive and enjoy the happiness of togetherness , we have to live through it. 

The pursuit of happiness  is when we are going through the toughest times ,finding the best friends of your life and the best people who will be with you forever at hardest times and the good times .

The happiness we  gain then is the best because only pain can make you realise whats real happiness is . Sometimes its best to be out of my mobile world and enjoy a book ( honestly need to keep up with this habit, technology  draws me closer most of the time).


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