Get the mud roads off or change the uniform

I do love rain but when I have  to clean her white uniforms and white shoes ,its more tiring. I let her  play in the water , or in rain, walking on those roads are just fine , but while reaching home, seeing all those mud packed on the shoes and the clothes, makes me mad.

I know white looks beautiful , but why don’t they understand its tough to clean up a messy kids uniform (ofcourse my kid is not that messy ). And kids are supposed to be messy ,and not very clean and tidy, that makes them a proper child. 

Guess they need to change the white or light color uniforms , its not the school authorities coming down to clean up such messes , its all the poor moms. 

I admit am lazy in cleaning, its the toughest thing to do , because here when i clean from one end, my kids are making it all the worse again. Its like you are cleaning the road on a fall season .

The roads will never be repaired anytime, because authorities are never bothered , seems they never steeped out on such roads, and we fools pay taxes , thinking one fine day , everything will be fine one fine day.( though we know it will never happen). 

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