kids and technology

My younger one too so much interested in mobile phones, even she knows to take a selfie 😉 . She takes up the phone ,on the camera and then hold it above like taking a selfie and smile at the camera.

Sometimes I want to be a good mommy and not let them play with my phone and be like a civilised mom , make them play with the toys and  other useful things , or read a book . Ofcourse its not gona happen , because my laziness and love to be a silent watchers , lets me give away my mobile to them and let them play. The only scare that stops me doing it is that , they might damage it and I loose the only device that lets me socialise  😉 .

She takes the mobile , starts poking the nose of the lil tom cat in the mobile ,and keeps typing something , or open up the camera  take weird pictures . I try to stop her , she looks at me as if ,am the kid and she is mom , conveying  me , this is not for you mom.

 She locks and unlocks the mobile , or install or uninstall whatever she wants , and if she need to learn a lil more than what she knows , she just seeks her lovely sister , who is an expert and be observant . 

Wherever she sees a mobile ,she grabs it, I don’t know how come she notices anyone keeping their mobile away , when she is most of the time engrossed in playing something else. 

Kids are tough to understand sometime. Need to work on my mommy skills a lot . Most of the time I have to so persuasive to get my mobile back as they don’t even bother to give it back.

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