Winter showing signs

Winter is up ,and I can see signs around me , that I have to be prepared to live with it. 

The sun is long gone, no sunshine, the rays of such a strong sun ,becomes so cold and all of sad in lil sweaters ( attest most of them) . Rains and rains everywhere , and its not beautiful here, and I miss the rain back in Kerala, Wherever I have been to , I love the  rain in kerala alone , it has a special beauty and special feeling .

The road are pathetic, can;t even think of walking out to a shop ,thanks to the online shopping sites , who make things easier for us and pity the poor delivery boys who has to take the pain for us. 

My coconut oil , is becoming thicker and I have to spoon it out  for any use, my hands and legs are cold , don’t even feel like stepping out of the bed , want to curl up under the blanket. The number of  alarms have gone up, because it tough to wake up in the morning, seems my ears have gone deaf ,as its not even listening to the alarm( or am forgetful) . 

I need to keep lots of medicine in stock , as at the wake of winter , it was me the first one to fall sick, and my sinuses are enjoying the winter as it can give enough pain , but don’t worry , my steamers are ready to make them run away , and you might find me always with cottons in ear, so sorry , if you think I cannot hear sometimes , as I might have loaded a lil more  cotton in my ears without knowledge. 

Still with all these, I love winter, it makes close ones closer. 😉

Categorising celebrations

Was wondering was Mahabali a Malayali??

I don’t know , this is the thought that flashed my mind when I was told that we celebrate only Onam and Vishu. Was lord Rama , an outsider , that , we don’t think of celebrating Diwali . 

We Keralites don’t have much celebration. As far as I have seen only Vishu(in April) , Onam in (aug-sept) and xmas (dec) are the main celebrations happening in kerala.In these celebrations also , people are too  lazy that, the traditions have lost and people are not even bothered to celebrate anything. Most of them don’t know how and what to do (including me ) . Actually thats the fate of all the festivals , we loose our traditions and we are running behind technologies and flown with the westerlies . 

I have heard many saying , oh the festival is for north indians , oh that festival is for south indian, and many more, but still are  some people who bother to celebrate at least  for fun .  I like celebrating anything and everything , I know it take pains to do al those like who generally celebrate these festivals , but its fun learning new things. 

Many whom i know tell me , the reason for not celebrating Diwali i that , its for north indians ,and still we all say we are Indians , wonder why and what does it mean now.  I may not be perfect , but I love learning so , being an indian , I like to be part of all celebration and learn many new cultures which we are rich in. Its no offence , if you don’t want  to don’t celebrate but never categorise the festivals as north , south east or west, its all a part of our culture ,enjoy it , or just ignore to be a part of it.

Our Diwali

This was the first Diwali for us  in our new house , and I was all excited . Thought I should make it the best for my kids ,and my hubby . As always I dreamed of lighting all the lamps and do lot many decoration, but its all just a dream, because am a disastrous in doing any decoration ( wish I had focused on my art classes more in school ) .

May be excessive dreaming led me to high temperature the day before Diwali and I was down with fever al of a sudden . First I was reluctant to go have a check up, then finally , I was scared that my dream becomes just a dream and so I got up and got ready for the visit ( seriously I hate doctors(especially medicines ) except home 😉 ) .I was shocked to know I had a slight fever and was loaded with lots of tablets , its like handful all the time . 

With the medicines in hand , I was still enthusiastic to buy crackers , even though I know am shivering with cold , because of fever ,winter seems to attack me more ,because I was like in Switzerland.  With lots of hopes and happiness ,went a long way and came back empty-handed , thanks to the police man who shooed us away from the road near the cracker shop and the lovely rain , which was not in the intention of stopping at all . 

Sitting up the next day morning , I was all drowsy with the medicines and slept off, thanks for my hubby , who cooked and took care of kids all the night , and my laziness was carry forwarded to the next day too . But something in me charged up all of a sudden and I woke up and started all my household works and by evening I was all happy to lit  up a few diyas at my home with my kids . 

My hubby busy in work , took an effort to put up a smile on my lovely darlings face and at 9:30 or so, we went out to buy crackers to keep them happy , and finally we too celebrated Diwali , with crackers .

Even though it all started as a big boring and sad day , still in the end everything turned to be good and the happiest one for all of us. Festivals are to be celebrated not to be categorised as ours and yours . Celebrate it with all spirit and enjoy every bit of happiness on our lil ones face, that values us more than any other worldly beings. 

Falls and bruises

I could count and tell how many times my elder one had fell down and had cuts , but with my tiny lil girl, this has become impossible.

Instead of sitting quietly in one place, she moves around ,and there are lot many hits and misses.Sometime luck saves her else , she she goes and hit somewhere. Now I know whats tough parenting is , she seems to teach me a lot more about parenting. Earlier , it was like ,if she falls down my hands and legs starts shivering , and I do not know what I have to do, but now , my home has better first aid kits ,ice is always  ready in my fridge , and its being used innumerable times.

If I tell her, please don’t do it she is shows immense interest in doing so and keeps doing it and falls off. If I tell to sit quietly ,she will move around atleast if she even sit ,she keeps her hands busy .

Looking at her and sitting , becomes headache sometimes,because my eyes are getting double exercise ,as she never stays in one place. Her face becomes a painting with all the discolouration caused by her bruises . When one mark goes another one appears.

Still with all these ,she gives a smile , and the smile is like a rainbow in between the clouds and thats the one keep me going ,otherwise, instead of her, its me , who gets all the pain and all the weeping part is done .

Pretty sure this is the case going on in every other moms mind. Give all the kids the strength to bear the pain , because they can never stop being naughty and give their moms the best time.

is it to me you are saying mom ??

Is it to me you telling all these mom ?

This is the weird expression given me , by my lil girl , when I tell her oh baby please you are standing at the edge and you might fall down. This all happens when my hands are full and am in the middle of something , still she looks at me and give me  s smile. ,and give no damn care about what I said to her . Her smile indicates to me , that mom see , am really gone jump or grab that thing kept far away. 

She thinks that, she might leap in and grab it at any cost . Poor lil girl ,she is not seeing what all see. And my weird mind goes thinking to the darkest and the worst of all the cases. 

Even though am in the middle of something, I will be thinking, omg if she leaps a lil further, she is gone fall, and hit the cupboard edge, or perhaps , she hit and tumble down to the floor , or may be she hit her eye or head or her mouth and her teeth might come out. Oh GOD seriously how should I do  , and then she smiles giving me and indication that ” mom , see am gone get it” . And finally like a goalkeeper in football game I jump on to her and grab her , so that  she really doesn’t make it through. 

Taking care of a naughty one is like a mad game.