winter disarming me ….

Sitting idle with my tv on , with my lil ones fav songs form bahubali playing  and with my laptop on , and facebooking  , with a mug of tea ( i don’t like coffee much ) , I just looked around my house, and the realised the bitter truth, that my house is a big mess . 

Wondering where to start and what to do , but I know that I only have to do, on my own . The words of my daughters keep playing in my ears ” you have to do all by yourself” . 

Morning the toughest time in the day , when am lying crumbled under the blankets , with my alarms ringing in ears , reminding me every 15 mins that I have to wake up, else I have to be running literally . One part of my heart says , you sleep baby , (influenced by the cold winter) and the other part says , go get up, your daughter has school and husband has work. 

The battle continues every morning , and everyday , only one part wins , finally all will be off to school and office, and I will be sitting like this, carry forwarding the laziness from bed to sofa and starving ,because am soon lazy to go get up and get the food too. 

Even weekends my heart keeps battling , but unfortunately , the winning moment turns out to be a failure because some or the other comes and ring the bell and I have to wake up . 

I remember the days when I was in school, my mom used to wake me up with all the difficulties, even though I sleep early , I don’t feel like getting up , and I often dream that I got up and already done with everything, and suddenly wake up from sleep finding that am just lying on the bed, and it was all just a dream.

Finally I have to go and finish my work, hopefully soon  , to get some me time . 🙂