cleaning up…

When I look around my neighbourhood, I see people cleaning up their windows, dusting all the places , thats like and inspirational pull, so I just start off to do it on my own too. 

Luckily I could see someone doing ,else I would be always dumped in front of my tv or laptop or too engrossed in my kids. My kids too help me, they love being helpers to me. Its just that , when nandu helps me, grope damages the whole place ,and we both give her such a look that she smiles and starts to play her tricks on me, so that I don’t shout at her.

At one end when am cleaning ,they both are busy playing in water , they fill in buckets and pour it out in the balcony , its like they have a sun bath as well as a proper bath in water. In the end , when am finally done, they will completely drenched. Atleast nandu will be fine, grope will be drenched from head to toe, and the moment they see me, they will be running into the room , in a hurry, that they forget they are dirtying all the place which i just cleaned up. 

Such a mess again !!!

Finally I end up not cleaning them, and I just go play with them again, and by evening when they are done messing up the whole place , and making it all upside , down , they will be wanting to sleep , and then its the best time I can do my cleaning ,its when, no one disturbs me. ( its just a thought).

When my kids are in beauty sleep after all their tiring work the whole day, very tiring work of giving their mommy lil work, I get my cleaning stuffs and think of cleaning first, but sometimes , again i get lazy , and then go and cuddle with my babies, sometimes my laziness too will never win over , as my house will be a complete mess, the cleaning monster in me, never lets me go sleep as such. Sometimes I cheat too..

Only lucky people see my house clean, some don’t. 😉

journey to my home

missing my hometown a lot. 

Wondering when I can be there.

While travelling from bangalore to kerala , its all dry and polluted path , and busy roads or sometimes, there is nothing to see around,  just so many dhabas and smalls hotels and shops , but all look so dry like a dessert, not much  greenery, the plants covered in sand , no beauty at all. 

The long roads ,leading to my home, reaching kerala border ,its again a dusty roads , still I could see the beauty of my place. The fresh breath I could take ,the freshness of green leaves , the beautiful trees, which unfortunately are being cut down for better roads( but nevertheless better roads) .

When am approaching kerala, you get to see few farm lands with luscious greenery , a feast for your eye, and everything else looks very simple and beautiful. Not much buildings, just like a holiday place. May be I feel it as am staying in place where in I can see only building and building and building, busy roads , busy people, strange people, different language, never feel like its my home. 

Whenever I go out, I just want to run into my flat , and be inside ,because these walls knows me better than the outside world. Thats life , where in we have to live in a strange place , get to know many different kind of people, who doesn’t have time for anything or nothing.

I know this is a home for some others, but for me, I love being at my own home, my sweet home, where in I may not have anything specific to do, but I have my mom there .While reaching home, the tiredness of sitting in car for hours just vanishes, the only thought will be to reach home, I can even run around and do anything then, the moment i step into my home, I have no worries and everything looks so easy. 

But the moment am back here in my flat, its like , am in desert like place, the dust keeps floating in front of my eyes, everywhere , big big apartments  all looks like small boxes made of cardboard boxes .Everyday its different , there is no familiarity.  Every day , the place where in I stand for my daughters bus, it was full of dusted plants ( plants covered with dust) , and nowadays it has become a  barren land , they have even cut down the trees and plats nearby, seems some more cardboard boxes  are coming up.

Advancing . 😦