Silent playing

AS I was engrossed in my work, I suddenly noticed there is no sound from where my lil girl is playing, I wondered what happened to her. Usually when its very quite, either  she will be busy in doing her masterpiece piccasso work on our walls or will be putting something here and there to make a mess of my cleaned floor. 

I came silently from kitchen, to look for exactly what she is being upto , and to my surprise , what I found was quite interesting and its the first time I see her doing so.. mmm signs of growing up i guess.

 She was busy playing with her doc, and trying to feed the baby doll with a cup from her kitchen set, n then putting the doll on her shoulders, tapping its back ,,, and singing a lullaby for the baby. Then again , she took the baby from her shoulder , to check whether the baby was asleep, if not again she will put on her shoulder n sing. Multiple time she did, and finally she was bored, she through it, and me the silly mommy , though for a moment that she has changed, there again she is making a mess.

She saw me hiding and peeping on her, and she smiled at me, finally she  gave up her playing , and thought to come along with me , for helping me. 😉 .

I can see that ,she is trying to be like her sister more often, playing like her way, but at times she gets bored with it , still its fun to watch.