my lil brave gal

She was happily coming home, with a big smile on her face,along with the security in charge of our apartment and I was shocked, happy , surprised, worried , and angry as well , a mixed emotion, but the only expression came up, was a smile  (with a heart beating and telling me , poor lil gal she doesn’t know). 

As usual , everyday I go near the gate to bring my daughter back to home, its a regular thing, but that day, as I was running down, since I was late by few minutes , but still relaxed thinking that the bus will be late ,as it is always , I was surprised to see my daughter walking down ,to me  with the security. I could see that she was proud of her self , the smile and happiness on her face, I didn’t want her to get panicked or make believe her that the world around her is bad ,so do not trust.

I just thanked the guy who brought her, she was full of courage ,she said , mom I told that guy, that i stay in this particular flat, and he brought me here, “mom I am a grown up now, a big girl “. I was so happy too, as she remembered whatever I taught her. I didn’t upset her, as I was sure she is gaining a confidence on her own.

I was angry that the people in her bus was irresponsible leaving her at the gate and going , I was scared a moment , wondering what would have happened , luckily GOD is not that bad . 

What i just did was , thank god and gave a lovely smile to her, saying she has done a good job. I want to build up her confidence, not to shackle it down with all those worried thoughts but at the same time, another day, I told her, that first you should be careful always, and wait for me anytime. 

I guess as always she will be listening to me. 

setting up our first xmas tree


It was fun putting up the xmas tree in our home.

We went to search many shops to get an apt one for our home. Since its the first time, we were quite unaware , what to get and what not. I just have a vague remembrance of my xmas in my college hostel, where in we hostlers decorated our tree,the one we went to bring from the boys hostel , bringing it all over to our hostel, it was indeed a  tiresome  work , but it was fun. Then putting up the  xmas crib, , it was all first time for me, but enjoyed , even though that was the last time too.

I remember , the seniors in our hostel, went to many houses singing xmas carols , and getting goodies and giving at the same time. And the finest carols sung in the chapel of our college. It was fun decorating the chapel with flowers, and the evening of our xmas there , was so memorable , lovely carols sung by our funds and teachers, senior teachers and other inmates all gathered to celebrate the wonderful xmas. ( the memories are fresh in my mind, missing it too ). 

I know I may bot be able to put up such an xmas, but still we put up a small xmas tree, and as many others, will try a small gifts for my kids . Nandu seems to be so much into xmas , as she sees in cartoons, she thinks that a real santa is gona come and give gifts, where in she don’t know that , we parents will be santa , giving them gifts. 

Whatever she thinks , I want to put up a good xmas for her. I ma sure that, one day, all these memories  will bring a smile on their  face, and thats what I can do now.  We bought decoration for the are and my lovely lil daughters loved hanging them on the tree.

The only tough things was to keep my younger one away from  the tree, as she was pulling out all the things her sister and her dad was hanging on the tree. Everything was new to her, so she would take each and everything and starts to play with her, when they try t grab it from her, she keeps running with those, and again , pick something new from the tree, so we were sure that, this would be the last xmas for that poor tree, as she was puling it in this and that way, so that its branches would come out. 

Finally the tree was done, the only thing left is guarding the tree atleast until xmas , so that my lil gopika won’t damage it. 

Whatever , still , its always fun with family !!!