Songs and songs forever

When nandu was small, it was all the time cartoon or some fav rhymes of her on tv. My younger one, has a different taste, she like all movie songs.She enjoys all the songs , with a good beat , she dances , and enjoys singing  along ,and she has company too my nandu  , so she enjoys it even more. 

the songs keeps playing from morning till night, and in between that , fights for cartoon also will be going on, all the time. Its tough, and mostly my younger one wins , the privilege of being younger one. And myself and their dad , and my nandu, fails, and have to sit and listen to the same set of songs , over and over.

Nowadays , I don’t sing any songs, seems am getting enough of songs , its like in sleep also , I feel like the songs are played in the house, so nothing else seems to run in my head.

Height of addiction. 

Wonder when she will get bored with the same songs played over and over, I remember when I was in my teens, I used to record a casset full , one song, just to listen to it over and over. Now am over with such madness , and getting civilised.

I never knew my moms words would come true, like this. As she used to say , I will also have to understand how difficult it is to listen to a song over and over again , when you really got bored with it. 

History repeats.  😉 

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