Happy new year


All new beginnings need not be started on this very day, every day, is new , you don’t carry forward  any things, you just start , when you just have to. 

Enjoying every moment is a bliss. 

Am god to be enjoying all the moments in my life, ever since am a mom. Being a mom, was my turning point in life. The viewpoint changed, I started to know and understand people more pretty well , forgive and forget soon. My heart aches for all silly things too , things which I never bothered earlier. 

 I never used to be sad watching any movie scenes , something in which there was too tragedy, but now , its like , my heart aches ,when I see scenes like ,a kids being left alone,  tortured, or anything regarding kids. Is this the after affects of being mommy ??

Am not sure, when ever I see such scenes on screen or off screen , like on roads or anywhere, I feel a strong pain in my heart. I feel terrible, but I don’t know how to handle it. Just to feel better I take my child and hug them , and keep a promise that I will never leave them. 

For me every day is a beautiful day, even though am tired , exhausted , irritated, in the end, when am off to sleep, I just hug my kids, and feel the bliss of being a mom .Everyday may not be perfect, but has something to give us. 

Every year has given me, something precious in my life, many memories , unforgettable days , and moments and unforgettable people. I might not be perfect , i might have hurt someone, knowingly or unknowingly , still , every beginning requires , to forget all the hurts and problems ,and being it with all the happiness you can count in. 

So forgive and forget and enjoy all the happiness GOD has given in your life.Being fortunate to enjoy is also a luck. 


Happy New Year, let happiness be showered upon you all , without hurting anyone. 

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