Holidays are yet to finish

Daily my lil one keeps counting days, she doesn’t want the holiday s to finish , but she knows this is not indefinite . She want to be at home, with me and her sister, and enjoy or lazy around the house.

Morning are not a rush hour, you can just slow down , enjoy every moment, every bite of your nibble and sit down on the couch and watch all your fav tv shows. I know its everyones wish always , when we are small , its quite easy, but when we are big , am sure , we don’t get it.

Every morning she wakes up ,she asks me, mom today 5 or 6 ,she keeps forgetting exactly how many days are over, one way I don’t let her know too , so that , instead of counting she enjoys her day. I know even i used to do the same, keep counting the days and feel sad finally , forget to enjoy my days. 

WE don’t do much of an excitement things around , but be at home , even our xmas was like that, am too lazy to go out and in the end I don’t take them too , I too feel guilty of not making them enjoy their holidays. Poor girls they have such a boring  mom around .

I always like being at home , making my holidays look boring for others, but am always happy at home, than anywhere.The walls around me protect me, and thats the fun for me. May be I do a lil cooking , or be lazy and cuddle on the couch, or watch some movie, or switch channels on my TV, not even sticking on to some programs. 

May be am turning them to be like me, like couch potatoes, but one way am glad, she is not bored being with me. 

Happy holidays. !! 

Hope next year brings in a good change in me.. !!!

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