Little hands with mehandi

AS a kid too I was so fond of mehendi . I remember when I was a kid , I used to put mehendi whole night in my hand , and holding my hands stretched as if am jesus christ held on to the cross , while sleeping . Foolish of me to think that , the more i keep it in my hand, the darker the mehendi would be. 

It was tough for me to sleep , whole night, as I would feel cold , but I don’t want the mehendi to be a disaster , so I take pain in, and sleep as such. When I put mehendi , my dad and mom has double work, I keep telling mom, here scratching there scratching, and I need help in putting the blankets on me, scratch the nose, etc etc…I used to get scolding at times too. Still my mom used to put it for me, as I always loved it.

I was reluctant to put mehendi myself , I thought I never knew to do it, or never actually tried it on my own. Now when my kids ask, I always tel, don’t worry when we are off to vacation at your grandmas place , she will put it. Every time I used to give this excuse , and escaped. Finally she started to think that only their grandma knows it the best.Now she don’t even ask me, she knows her mom is not gona do it for her.

This vacation, I was stuck, no escape, and I knew how much she adored putting mehendi , finally I thought to give it a try, and I did it. I could see the proud smile on her face , she was proud that I put it for her, although not a big deal design, just a simple one , but she was happy. Thats more important for me. 

Again, I tried my hands on the second attempt to make her happy , though my imagination won’t work well, seems its rusted, I sought the help of internet , and luckily got some designs which could save my image in front of her. And am perfectly happy in doing it now. 



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