new year ,thinking …

Days, months , and years are passing, we are getting older, things are changing around me, yet am there left to change.

Every year, I think , i need to this, i need to change something ,  but in the end, am all the same . Wondering why I need to change , I will be like this forever, whatever I do, my attitude to things don’t change until unless , the change is demanded in the situation.

Am mad, sometimes too normal, sometimes too much to handle , that even I don’t understand , what am doing, still , one things is good I believe , that am happy with my kids. They make my world colourful, they make my days and nights happier, I don’t remember when months and days  and years fly by , I don’t want  to loose a second with them, they keep me alive.

Every year I used to think , may be I should loose some weight, which is very impossible, because I cannot do it, more precisely , I don’t want to do. When am down with sadness, when someone makes fun of me being fat ( which I have being dealing for years ) , first I ignore ,and then when am thinking too much , i eat a chocolate ( 😉 , and to burst my regret, I watch movies.

Every year since childhood, weight was a issue in my head, but , now am least bothered, I know there are people who like me like this too, rather than asking me to change. Atleast my kids can cuddle around with me and feel cozy with me around. May be thats why am like this ( 😉 .

Just a silly excuse for myself to get convinced , that am perfectly fine. Every thing has its own right time to come , So when things fall perfectly in my life, why should i be bothered.

This year, I will never want  a resolution for weight loss, because  I just don’t want to do it. And for people who are bothered about others being fat ,




Happy New Year !!!

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