Romance and Musings

morning blues

Vacation over, my marathon starts.

These ten days was quite relaxing, along with my kids, i too became too lazy , with my household. So yesterday night , shining about the coming week , I was damn tired to even think about it. The thought of me running around waking up everyone ,making all my breakfast n lunch and packing up all to school and office , it was all like a a movie am watching with the fast forward button on.

May be because of that , I woke  up quite early and that too at 5 in the morning , and then as usual , reading my friends blog that too early morning in my mobile. ( I guess am mad ) . I was reading  her blog ,she has 4 kids so , she will be more tiring than me ,her blog inspired me, atleast I just have to deal with two kids and their dad. 😉 Feeling better.

As I was about to get out of the bed, my lil one woke up , and then i walked around with her , once she was  relaxed i put her to bed , then even though the bed inspired me to sleep then , but I struggled a lot and got out and escaped out into the kitchen , Because I realised, in the end only I have to do all the work, and not my lazy bed.

I got into my daily households, switched off all my rest of the alarms, who help me to wake up in a tough morning , then once I was half done, I started waking up m lil girl, who is more upset , than me, to go to school. I tried to stay calm, and not to get irritated with her, as I remember even I was the same when I was a kid, ( even now) .

SO at last I escaped from the trap of morning blues , and I wish everyday, I win in such a way , its a tough war. 😉


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