Romance and Musings

bribing my kids

As all parents , even i fall into bribing my kids at times, even though i know its bad.

Now am  trying not to do it, since i know  am doing bad to them. I buy them many things even if they don’t ask me , i like surprises. But now i have to get rid of it , because am spoiling them.

Few years back i had  a conversation with one of my friends , whose words keeps rumbling in my ears , always . She had told me about kids , who go into big schools ( i mean, where more money is rolled in) , they keep demanding their parents they want european tours or hifi parties and all ,like their rich friends. And poor parents are blamed for not meeting their demands. 

Am scared of such instances , coming up in my life. I don’t want to spoil my kids. I want them to learn to appreciate ,what they already have and things they can achieve with their handwork ,and not fall into such horrible demands.  I just can’t tell them that I may not be accepting such behaviour , so instead, am making them realise the importance of being happy with what you have .

Bribing is the stepping stone to all bigger demands, kids take it as an advantage.Sometimes accepting things which are feasible for us is good , sometimes its not acceptable. There are many parents who struggle all life to keep their kids happy  , they sacrifice everything for their kids. Ofcourse we love our kids, but love should be given in the form of our time , and attention,rather than gifts .

The time we give them, will always be the time they would give us back. So now on if I have to bribe my kids ,I would give them my time, instead of gadgets and favourite gifts. 

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