Romance and Musings

mommy is mine ..not yours

Am like stuck between this fight always… one will pull me from one side, another one from other side. 

My elder one gets less time with me, as she goes to school, and she has become more lazy in going to school and enjoys being at home with me and her sis. They both fight for getting hold of me, and at times i jump away and hide from both of them. 

When they fight, I use the sam technique as my mom used to when myself and my brother used to fight , stay neutral. I think that works better, than taking anyones side. One is emotional , other one is notorious, so its always better not to take anyones side. It saves my time.

While sleeping both need my hand, luckily i have two hands ; ) . 

I don’t get to sleep in any position , as both hands keep digging ito my sides , as if they keep searching me in their sleep, and checking whether am there or not. If i hug one, other one also needs, funny part is when my elder one gets any things from me, my younger one also come for the same, even if its  beating or a sweet, she doesn’t differentiate both. 😉

The secret happiness in all these ,is that , I love it when they both hold on to me and demand for me, what more a mom can expect from her kids. and I want to love them both the same way more and more every second , even though they irritate me at times. 

Still whatever I love you both, now I know when my mom says that she loves me and my brother the same way ,she really means it. Moms love is understood only when we are a mom. 

Romance and Musings

teaching life

AS of now only thing that  is scaring me, my out of patience behaviour.

There are many things we need to keep a check in our behaviour towards kids as well as others around us. The main chapter of parenting is that, we cannot teach our kids to be like someone ,which we ourself cannot depict to them.

We always end up showing them the most vulnerable part of ours. Its easy for our kids to learn from what we show other than, through our long lectures , to them . We are letting them learn , about being the real human, but at times we want them to be the entire opposite to how we react . 

I show them my angry side, loving side, playful side, powerful style and many more. which comes out of me uncontrollably. I am showing them , thats life. Sometimes when am dealing with some impossible persons , whom I seriously don’t want to talk ever , or being a part of anything, which am not at all interested , I am show them , am just happy, and not my uncomfortable part. 

Being human is very difficult, we have to deal with many people and things ,and sometimes, we are forced to be what we are not, just to be accepted and considered. I do not want to be like that, but , when we count on others happiness , we just do it. Sometimes these sacrifices are always worthy and teach us many lessons. 

Life is a test , for which we do not have any preparations, and people whom we are dealing with are questions, which by reading  innumerable times also , we cannot understand. 

Hope my kids learn in quite well ,from this vulnerable mom.