Romance and Musings

Years and years passing by

Seems like other day I got married and its hard to believe 9 years.(poor my husband …dealing with me all these years).

I don’t know should i be satisfied, happy or upset and sad, that my years are running out of my hand. All things seems running past me , and I am sitting still like a newly wed..only in thoughts ofcourse, because I look like a big laddoo now ,not like earlier when I was a medium laddoo. 😉 .

Usually weddings are like the best and the memorable day in anyones life. For me I never  did any shopping for wedding, I was a lost soul , I was only 21 when getting married , so only thought disturbing me was that I am gona loose my freedom. Its all the effects of movies, where in I see that a girl looses her family..after her marriage and only thing she has to live with is all the memories.

As I was stepping into the married life, these thoughts suffocated me , I was not sure, how will I manage everything, but am not a coward to run away form all  my responsibilities , so I prepared myself, although being panic, I managed to fix a smile on my face.

Now being a mom and better  wife , things have changed, I don’t need to fix a fake smile, because, things around me , brings a smile on my face. May be thats life after all these years, life lets us understand and realise whats gona be with us forever.A few years before , I used to be jealous with friends who were not married, and enjoying a free life, but when I became a mother, things changed, I started to realise that , when we have everything in life, we don’t go for enjoying with others, and family means everything. 

Its true, when we are not loved, we search for love everywhere, thats when , we loose our confidence ,our self respect, and once we see that ew are perfectly imperfect, nothing matters us , and we love ourself and our family more than anything else. I know my kids love has changed a lot in me, something am proud to be now.

SO my wedding was my stepping stone to my success in my life, which led to me to my kids , so am happily married. 

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