Romance and Musings

my follower no. 2

Wherever i go i have two followers …. lucky me .. isn’t it…

I used to follow my mom too the same way . My dad used to call me a comet.. because my mom is a star and am her tail.. But I used to enjoy it a lot.

Morning the moment she gets up, she calls out for me… “amma… , come here please” . but obviously as am busy with cooking , I don’t go and sometimes…she sleeps again , or sometimes she wakes up and head to kitchen, to help me.

While I pack everyones lunch and keep things ready, she and her sister, comes to help me, by taking it all to the dinning table, if by mistake in a hurry I forget to give it in her hand, she screams, seems she doesn’t want  to miss a chance helping me. And in between they both fighting ,which each one has to take, a big decision for them , and for me, I have to have a pair of items always, else they will eat me up.

Mornings even after their dad has his tea, my younger one is fond of bringing me the glass back to kitchen ,and I love the way she gives it to me, she tells me, ” mama close your eyes” , and I close  my eyes and give her a smile , and she says ” open , tadaa ”  , and she shows me an empty glass. The same way she gives me her glass when she has milk.

I don’t know what will happen to me, when my younger one also goes to school and get busier , seems am getting habituated with them around me, i feel like a sun with all planets revolving  around me. ( something I can’t live without now).


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