Romance and Musings

Happy My day to me..

Belated Women’s day wishes to all the ladies out there , I know am little late , but better late than never.


Better late than never, that is what I have decided to do for my life , in the coming years. I have decided to take up things which I have never ever dreamt of.Its good to the p challenges as it helps us to realise what w are a, and how much we can do. Many things , which I have decided to do ,I don’t know how am going to start with. 

Firstly I did was, to wake up before sunrise, something I have never imagine, even during  my school days ,never woke up for my exams too that early. I thought ,that was something , I should try, and to my own surprise, I was awake, way before the alarm rings ,and then suddenly I felt fresh and good. 

Never ever I have noticed the sun rising in Bangalore, but that day, I woke up and saw the fantastic view of sun rising up the horizon through my window and I could feel the vibe in me. It could be the new rising of new me. Hope this sun shine never fades away. I am loving the fresh mornings and my lovely walks in the early morning hours with my new friend, who has to tolerate my gupshup till we finish walking. I love to talk to people I like , and especially who don’t complain about me talking. 

The walks keeps me fresh and improves my stamina, I know I won’t be loosing any of awesomeness( i.e my weight) , because , I keep doing the refilling all the time. Thats a different aim, which actually am postponing for years, and I don’t think I will take up that , because thats a big fight with my innersoul , one is hungry other one will be starving, so am gona live on that compromise on that part. 

The other objective was to find something to work on, and luckily , a good soul, who is ready to bear with my ignorance is ready to take my madness for writing along. I don’t know how far things will go, but I appreciate her patience and the way she deals with me. I agree that ,everyone needs a stepping stone ,and you need a lot of handwork to put in, to make everything come beautifully. 

SO on this woman’s day , I have decide to grow up a lil bit , but ofcourse not leaving my childishness behind, I will still carry on that attitude of enjoying everything. Sometimes, we need to be a lil grownup, its tough really. 

The changes I decide to show a fruitful result, when I told my daughter mamma is working on something, she was happy, she seemed to be proud of her mom, and I felt happier . These gestures actually boost my confidence and let me do , what actually I want to do in life. I want to be a guide for her , i want her to be proud of me, not for my sacrifices but for my achievements. I want her to be able to choose what she has to do in future and not to depend on anyones will. 

When I was kid, I thought it was better reign a boy, who had no restrictions and had the liberty to do any thing and befriend anyone as they like, but now being a mom , I feel that, the best thing in the world is a woman, even though at times, she herself feel down, she has the courage to get up and get back to normal , even in the toughest conditions , whereas men are still struggling in their own arena, and women are encroaching all those arena. 

So !!

Finally feeling proud to be a woman. 

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