Romance and Musings

Morning hurry time

Like all other homes, mornings are quite busy time in the house, full of chaos and running around. Lucky me, that i have two lil hands , that helps me. 

While I cook, they take the plates and other things like their dad’s lunch packed and nanny’s lunch boxes to the table. I fell happy, because I don’t have to run around. They always help me, by taking half teethings , they could mange to take, to the table, so that, I don’t have to run around. 

I remember as a  kid i used to help my mom this way, but ofcourse , only my mom i helped, I was not keen into knowing others difficulty.I always like to be with her, in kitchen or anywhere she goes. I guess, the same is happening with me, here even though nandu has a study table, too, she is always in the kitchen to do her homework and gopika also tag along, with a book and a pen .

Mornings I wake both kids, an they will be around me, until unless am in the finally hurry time to take nandu to school. Even if someone is at home, my younger one doesn’t stay back, she wants me to carry her along with me, to the bus stop, so that she can keep watching the outside beauty , and all other kids and parents going to school and offices. She enjoyes, the last moment running around I do, she thinks am playing and having fun, little does she know, that her mom is running out of time, and already late for nandus bus.

She keeps giggling, ,when I carry her, and run, I guess, she thinks , am playing some funny games, and while am back home, still she wants to lay, the same game. But at that time, am damn tired to continue the game , so I sit down and relax. 

Guess, when she will be off to school , she will realise why exactly her mom is running around. 

mmm… seems i need to improve on my timing skills . 😉

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