Romance and Musings

march has only 28 days ;)

I wish at times, that the days in the month can be reduced according to my wish.

Bad luck, its not in our hands.

It is not just my wish, my nandu wants only few days in March, as she i counting the number days to holiday to start ,so that she can be with her grandma. The wait seemed too long for her, as I showed her the number days to her holiday to start.

She accepted the fact, but once her exam started, she was in a hurry to get the holiday begin.She had enough of counting it seems she asked me why march has 31 days, why can’t it have 28 days.

An obvious question from an impatient mind. At one moment I too thought the same. Kept wondering why schools drag these many days, they are too small , they should enjoy their vacation.Seems next year it will be ย longer wait, since they keep dragging the days till mid april just to start a vacation. Education is torturing kids.

She was too angry when I told he , you have to wait some more days, she said “march has only 28 days” , smiling I agreed to her.I know that she wants to be in her grandmas place at the earliest.

Counting still , just few more days , and off we go for vacation. As she is impatiently waiting , the same is the state of mind.

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