Romance and Musings

Please mama , Can I

The Magic words , as I saw, that will let you get any things from her younger sister. Say please and you will get the things you want ,don’t snatch from your sister. I have to keep telling this at least 50-100 times in a day, when they both are fighting for things in the house. At times , my patience overrules and at times my anger and frustrations over rules my emotions and finally I snatch the thing away and keep it high up. Finally I get peace of mind.

My lil gopika is too smart . She noticed that using please to persuade is the best way to get things so. She sits on my lap and asked me ” mama , please can I bite you”, of course she doesn’t wait for my answer, she bites me. The same things she does for all the naughty things she want to do.She asks me permission so beautifully , that I forget to give an answer , and that gap where I stand bank, she uses to do her mischief.

Whenever I have my food, which I have after giving her food, she will come with her lovely cute hands ,and as she is digging her little hands into my plate , she asks “mamma can i take this from your plate” , and digs into my plate, takes whatever she wants , and as she puts into her mouth, she will smile.

I wonder, should I get angry on laugh at her pranks.

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