Seems our clock is not running :P

Its of-course no the battery causing problem with the ticking clock but our heart. I keep checking the clock all the time after leaving my little angel to school. Even time I look at it and calculate the time for her to arrive, it seems far and far away. I keep thinking about her all the time and again look at the clock after every minute that seems like an hour to me.

Wondering why this mommy syndrome is not leaving me alone. Its not only mommy syndrome but also the sister syndrome getting affected with the school opening. My lil one also keep waiting for her sister to come home early.Her memory about the last year makes her think that her sister will be home for lunch and she keeps pestering me all the time trying to persuade me to go down to bring her.

I find it hard to explain her that she will be coming late , but to innumerable attempts she doesn’t understand and finally I try to make her sleep , so that she doesn’t bring up petty issues to keep crying . I know she misses her sister a lot .

At the end of the day, After counting all the hours finally it will be time for her to reach home and we both excitedly run downstairs to receive her quite well before she arrives home. Every second we wait counts like our heartbeat looking out on to the road to get the glimpse of her school bus. This eager waiting for our lil Nandana  is always special . The very look on her face, gives the picture of her day at school and if its a pleasant day, she actually projects the happiness of her day on my face too.

Even though the lil one waits all day long, finally when her sister arrives home, she starts her silly fights with her and again the whole evening goes in three of us fighting , playing , cooking  and finally off to sleep .Luckily the weekends are only for us to do the same things over and over again , when it is finally Monday and again our  waiting routine kick starts.

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