Building I ,Me and Myself

Sometimes realizing that ‘I’ is important , is the best way to build your self-confidence. At some point, you might feel down and get restrained from everything you must be doing all along. For me it’s like, almost one out of the seven days am out being lazy, and sometimes I enjoy it too. But one day , I felt ,the boredom is killing me, killing my life and everybody around me too.

After researching with my google guru, I thought am really going to be a depressed mom as I wake up all night pretty many times and walk like a zombie. It was odd to me. I didn’t want to fall prey for all those silly illnesses. I knew I was not , but just , sometimes all these symptoms seem to relate to my own state which really makes me feel bad. Am pretty sure many moms must have gone through this phase, like being unaware what of doing and what to come up with. I was happy, but I felt something missing in me. I lost the ‘Me’ inside me .

Then one fine day it was all getting normal, am back to getting a job and was happy to pursue it , even with a little doubt. Everything as new, I felt like some kind spark that was rising in me, something that was helping me survive through the dark times. I ran errands saving up my time to do the work. It was just the beginning , but I was loving it. It was a phase starting in my life and where I found a happiness out of all the god gifted happiness in my life.

Finally, I found ‘Myself’ , the one who loved to learn new things, take up new challenges , and everything , that made ‘Me’ – ‘Myself’ . Am happy again, and of course busy. I love it when I just run around managing everything and learning new aspects .

The confidence I gain when I started my job is the only thing that brought me out of all the depression (which I guess I was in) .Anyways thank you for all the people tolerating me now and forever.

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